Yushun Waste Food Treatment Machine

Necessity of Waste Food Disposal  


The waste food is formed in the residents’ life and consumption waste. It is easy to perish, stench and spread of bacteria and viruses.

The main features of kitchen waste food is high organic matter content, high water content, perishable, the characteristic and the smell would cause adverse.

Harmful to Environment and human health

1.  Environmental Pollution 

Waste food has high organic matter and water content, will decay under the action of microbes, and decay phenomenon is more serious when time longer. Especially in the summer, temperature is higher, waste food corrupts faster, it is more easier to have malodorous gases, breeding mosquitoes and other adverse effects on environmental.

2. Water Pollution

Waste food directly landfill or incineration will cause underground water pollution

3. Spread of Disease

Kitchen garbage’s open storage will lead to mosquitoes worm multiply quickly and cause infection of the disease.


Kitchen Refuse Biochemical Treatment Machine

Kitchen refuse biochemical treatment machine using high-temperature aerobic microbial degradation technology, the kitchen garbage solid-liquid separation, crushing, oil-water separation, extrusion dehydration and heating mixing fermentation, sewage treatment, eventually born water vapor, carbon dioxide and solid that can be used as feed & fertilizer by degradation and transformation.

The whole process in the machine is harmless and can increasing the utilization rate of resources, reducing the footprint.


Working principle

 1.  Degradation Technology  

High temperature aerobic biodegradation technology is a kind of new food waste biological treatment technology, its basic principle is selecting the high temperature aerobic and composite microorganism with natural vitality and reproduction ability. In the biochemical treatment machine, under high temperature, waste food ferment quickly, then the unstable organic matter can be fully degradable and transformation into a stable reproduction.

2. Equipment Part

Biochemical treatment process including mixing, deodorization and biochemical treatment, realizing automatic control by PLC. There is no need for oil-water separation and sorting, also no need for guards, thus  achieve convenient operation and safe use.

3. Microbial Inoculum Part

Under laboratory conditions, compatibility of different functional strains, so that it has the highest decomposition efficiency. The microbial inoculum belong to thermophilic bacterium, which can be active at 75 degrees. The suitable temperature is above 60 degrees, when the temperature reaches 60 degrees to 75 degrees, the ordinary kitchen waste food can be completely consumed within 4 hours.

4. Degradation Products Using:

The primary raw materials of organic fertilizer.