Yushun Environmental Equipment


Volute Dewatering Press is also called multi disk screw press, it is a new solid – liquid separation equipment for sludge thickening and dewatering. It uses the screw extrusion principle, strong extrusion pressure generated by the screw diameter and pitch change, and tiny gap between the moving ring and the fixing ring to achieve the sludge extrusion dehydration. 

This kind of machine solves  series technical problems such as easy clogging of the for sewage desliming machine, unable to deal with low concentration, high energy consumption, complicated operation and so on… Read more










The waste food is formed in the residents’ life and consumption waste. It is easy to perish, stench and spread of bacteria and viruses.

The main features of kitchen waste food is high organic matter content, high water content, perishable, the characteristic and the smell would cause adverse effects on social environment and human health, grow pathogenic microorganisms, mycotoxins and other harmful substances easily… Read more